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AEM User Guide - Stage Home

Stage Item 1 - Video
A stage with multiple items, image or video

AEM User Guide - Stage Home

Stage Item 2 - Image
Buttons link to important content

AEM User Guide - Stage Home

Stage Item 3 - Image
Each item has its own coloring

Components Preconfigured building blocks of websites
Functions Complex functional features not represented by a single component
Templates Preconfigured and consistent page design
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    Welcome to the AEM User Guide

    The online guide offers a demonstration of all available website components, functions, templates, and major configuration options for users and webmasters.

    The CW (Corporate Website) Start Page

    • The main content of the CW start page is a stage with multiple stage items. The background can be an image or video.
    • When using video in stage, use a 1080p mp4 file with no audio that is 15 to 30 seconds maximum.
    • A colored block appears in the background with short informational text and links. One item be featured, or a carousel sliding through multiple items can be used.
    • Below the color block there is an optional row of 2-4 Target Group Entry Overlay teasers
    • Besides the header, stage and footer, there is an optional content area, which is visible by scrolling only. The content area can contain all regular content components, like a Rich Text component containing a description.
    • The home page serves as a language root. If the page URL is a two-digit language code, the page tree is automatically considered as written in that language.