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Corporate gifts

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    Showing appreciation to our partners, colleagues, and clients is a long-held Munich Re tradition. Providing gifts to recognize an achievement, and of course, a valuable relationship, is just one way we do that. Our carefully cultivated/curated corporate gift selection is intended to allow you to choose from an array of high quality, sustainable, and internationally suitable gifts.

    A wide variety of specially selected gifts are offered through the Corporate Gifts Catalogue (internal access only). The Catalogue is accessible through Munich Re’s procurement system ‘Coupa’ and is available to Munich Re employees worldwide. If you need a bespoke gift to recognize a special occasion and/or do not find the gift you are looking for, please use the Alternative Gift order form within the Corporate Gifts website.

    Special notes: Due to the inability to retain proper freshness with some items, gifts like food, wine, or spirits are not available through the Corporate Gifts Catalogue.  Please note that divisions may independently purchase chocolates and/or wine (including packaging) as a welcome gift.

    For assistance in accessing Coupa:  Contact Central Procurement

    For help with technical problems with your Coupa account, please Contact the Helpdesk

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