Office applications

(MS Word, PowerPoint, and Teams)

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    Munich Re provides a wide variety of approved templates for programs, including MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Teams, and Stationery. To access these templates, use the links below, which can also be found in the Guidelines and Templates section of our Brand Guide.


    Our most recent, approved company presentation is available in multiple languages. Use these slides, which feature best practices, chart templates, graphical elements, and more as input when creating business presentations. You can find approved images for use in your presentations on the media portal, as well as approved icons here. For support creating new or adapting older presentations, please contact the PowerPoint pool.

    MS Word/Stationery

    To see available templates in Word, click "New" in MS Word. Scroll down to Office and Custom links. Choose "Custom," then "Templates". You may choose from a variety of business letterhead and memo formats.

    MS Teams wallpapers

    Choose from a variety of Munich Re approved, custom backgrounds that can allow you to express your personality in a professional manner and help prevent background distractions. To use Wallpapers: click on "More" in the top, upper right menu of the MS Teams screen, then select "Apply Special Effects" to view and choose from over a dozen background screens that can be updated/changed as often as you wish.

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    If you have any questions regarding the corporate design, please do not hesitate to contact the brand management team for support.