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XDS for digital products

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    XDS - experience design system

    A positive user experience is the strongest driver for customer loyalty. The design guideline for digital products defines the UX strategy for Munich Re, striving to support the important work of our UX design and product development teams.

    Design guide for digital products

    We support projects and teams with XDS, the experience design system. As a single source of truth, it facilitates and accelerates how design is implemented in UX design and front-end development. 

    Over 40 production-ready components are available for layouts as well as the main frameworks and libraries (Angular, React, Vue, etc). It enables a smooth and efficient workflow for creating projects with exceptional user experience.

    If you plan a new project or overhaul, please contact the XDS team for more information and support. 

    Design resources

    Teams can access the XDS component library and the comprehensive documentation with details on function and configuration in the Azure DevOps environment. Please contact the XDS team for access and requirements.

    Coding resources

    Currently, XDS is available to Munich Re teams in a coordinated project context. For access to Storybook documentation and XDS in Azure Dev Ops, please contact the XDS team.

    Frequently asked questions

    XDS is the Munich Re design system for digital applications and services. 

    With the Munich Re Product Design Guide as its foundation, the system consists of working code, a design toolchain and resources, interface guidelines and many projects that form a community of contributors.

    XDS is a common project driven by Business Technology - as part of EXCITE Digital Services - and Global Brand and Group Communications.

    The XDS web components are framework-agnostic.

    You can use them in Angular, React, Vue, Svelte and also in any project where no framework is used.

    XDS offers all components in a Figma library. 

    Figma is a popular, modern design tool that enables real-time collaboration, i.e. several people working on the same document at the same time. Designers can subscribe to the library and stay up to date by automatically receiving updates and new components.

    For more information on Figma, please visit figma.com

    XDS is intellectual property of Munich Re and still under construction.

    In its first release, XDS will only be available to Munich Re applications in a coordinated project context. Depending on the number of active users and the amount of additional support required, XDS access packages are available for a fee. Access packages include the use of the XDS web component repository, a UX toolchain for UX designers (based on Figma) and an XDS documentation for developers.

    Still have questions?

    If you have any questions regarding the corporate design, please do not hesitate to contact the brand management team for support.