Endorsement and co-branding

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    Munich Re often appears in conjunction with other companies and brands, and these guidelines explain how to implement the logos and lock-ups for various scenarios:

    • the verbal endorsement of Munich Re owned independent brands, 
    • the co-branding of Munich Re owned independent brands with other brands, and
    • the use of the Munich Re logo in the context of co-branding and partnership branding with other brands (owned or third-party).

    Additionally, this section contains: 

    • guidelines on how Munich Re may be referenced by partners, clients, or service providers etc.,
    • a document that provides the correct wording for cooperation agreements, and
    • guidelines regarding the process of referencing Munich Re clients on our corporate website.

    Verbal endorsement and co-branding of autonomous brands

    The Munich Re Group has a portfolio of autonomous brands. The connection of these autonomous brands to the Munich Re Group is communicated via a verbal endorsement: "A Munich Re company". The “endorsed autonomous brands guideline” provides you with specifications regarding the use of this verbal endorsement as well as information regarding the co-branding of owned autonomous brands with other brands.

    Use of the Munich Re logo in co-branding and partnership branding

    Co-branding and partnership branding expresses the specific relationship of Munich Re to other companies. The guidelines explain how to apply the Munich Re logo in conjunction with other brands depending on their specific relationship.

    Referencing Munich Re and Munich Re clients

    Here, you will find information regarding when and how Munich Re may be referenced by clients and service providers or partners, as well as information on how Munich Re may reference its clients on the Munich Re website.

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